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We cover most of the brand related communication solutions.


Gherman Design Commitment

All the packages bellow are designed to be beneficial for your business, therefore the configurations are based on the recommended options of the services and they all include a volume discount.
You save costs and time while benefit from the best outcome!

Please read carefully the specifications for the included deliverables!

Other Solutions

Label & Packaging Design

We will deliver Packaging and Label Design that will capture your customer`s attention while maintaining the DNA of your brand.

Other Solutions
Other Solutions

Exhibition Stand Design

Stand out in the environment of an exhibition with a Concept Stand that exudes quality, respect for your product and for your clients! We will deliver concept, design and production management, so you can use your time to prepare all the other details for the event.

Signage Design

Signal your business venue or your interior space with stylish and consistent signage design. We will provide outstanding design, fit with your brand and also with the technical requirements of the venue. And don’t worry about production! We manage it.

Other Solutions
Other Solutions

Retail Design & Solutions

In correlation with Packaging and Label Design service, we are most qualified to offer you retail communication solutions, from printed POS materials to Product Display and Commercial Space Design

Photography Services

Top quality branding cannot be separated from top quality imagery, perfectly fit with your brand. Our expertise is based on experience, solid knowledge, passion and fruitful collaborations.

We master most of the imagery related competencies from sourcing and curating to photography concept, photo compositing, photo shooting management, photography art direction and production.

Bespoke Interior Accessory

Your office space needs decoration? Yes, of course!
What if you could decorate your office with original works of art and design accessories encapsulating your brand essence? This would be the ultimate branding and if you fancy that thought, you are in the right place.

We will be most excited to deliver concept for your office decoration and internal communication, original paintings, custom made art photography, custom hand made light sources, art installations, and who knows what else.

Advertising Creative Consultancy

This service is most useful and productive mainly for the client side of the marketing and communication projects.
If you are to evaluate and feedback a campaign or a promotion creative concept, an experienced senior Creative Director on your side of the table, not only will make your decisions easier, but will tick on at least 3 essential marketing management check boxes:

x Objective focus on the business results while securing the creative quality of the campaign

x Maximize the ratio time vs outcome with your current agency by formulating a constructive, precise and insightful feedback

x  Build partnerships with your marketing & communication stakeholders based on mutual trust and respect. This will maximize the advertising investment and raise the quality and the results of your campaigns on medium to long term.

Other Solutions


We are excited to learn everithing about your unique project and offer you the best solution.